Padel Court

Padel Court

3 or 4 meters side high

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The Padel is a friendly, funny and easy sport to practice: a combination between tennis and squash.It is played as doubles, on a 20m long and 10m wide court, with balls almost similar to those of tennis and with a special racket without rope and smaller than tennis. The Padel is qualified as "a summary of the strengths of all other racket sports."

Metalu-Plast manufactures Padel court for indoor or outdoor uses :

Characteristics of a standard padel structures are :

- Playing surface :10 x 20 meters

- Bottom and side structure: 4 meters high

- Side wall: 3 or 4 meters high

- Steel galvanised structure for indoor or outdoor uses

- Welded mesh grids

- Tempered glass panels

- 1 or 2 access doors

- 4 posts for 8 spotlights 

- 1 pair of tennis posts and net

- Artificial turf 

Let us create your Padel courts, consult us !



Additional products

  • 5 choices of color (RAL)


Product benefits

  • Conviviality
  • Resistant & quality
  • Aesthetism
  • Compatible with 3 or 4 meters high side